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Ball Academy Open House

Ball Academy

Are you looking to improve your baseball or softball skills?

Do you want to increase power in your swing, add m.p.h to your fastball and get to that ground ball in the hole?

Are you hoping to get a college scholarship, but need a little help to maximize your athletic potential?

Our Baseball/Softball Academy will help you achieve these goals so you can make the team next season. Our academy offers students an opportunity to participate in a high school course that is more specific than a regular Physical Education class. We are looking for novice to elite-level student-athletes to come and join us! This course is based on student interest.   

Our program:

  • Is based on proven methods effective in creating greater athleticism.
  • Will help improve your catching, pitching and hitting skills, while improving your gameplay.
  • Will educate you on how to train effectively, minimize injury and maximize your overall fitness.
  • Involves a block a day of instruction, focusing on skill development, nutrition, specific sports training.
  • The cost of this program is $3000.00 per year.

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Watch the video below to learn all about our ball academy program:

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