Grad 2022 Yearbook Information

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Falcons' Eyes
Being falcon-eyed means having exceptional perception. Peregrines have focal points on each of their retinas which resemble telephoto lenses! Not only can falcons see things exceptionally clearly, but their eyes also allow them to see ultraviolet light which most other species cannot. The falcon is also our school's mascot; hence, the inspiration for our club's name: we strive to see things clearly, yet in a different light, through the eyes of all Falcons. 

Our Team 
A lot is involved in the making of a yearbook. Therefore, it is crucial to have a dedicated, well-rounded team. Our team will include teacher advisors, page builders, photographers, and student editors. Each role requires unique skills and management of various responsibilities. Our team members are ingenuitive, encouraging, and talented. Our book was born out of their minds and hearts, and that's why it turned out so beautifully. Be sure to give them kudos if you see them around!  

If you want to play a part in creating the 2021/2022 yearbook, please connect with any member of our team. Keep an eye out for Falcons' Eyes posters announcing our start-up meeting in the fall where you will learn more about the various positions available, complete an application form, and meet your potential team!

All levels of experience are welcome.