Why use the name St. Joseph?

In 2008, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools celebrated 100 years of Catholic education through the help of the Daughters of Wisdom, which is a religious order of women that founded the first school.

It was on October 8, 1908, that the Daughters of Wisdom (Filles de la Sagesse) arrived in Red Deer to start St. Joseph Convent. The sisters came on the invitation of Father Henri Voisin, the head of the missionary order of priests, the Peres de Ste. Marie de Tinchebray. In November an application was made to create a separate school district in North Red Deer. On January 8, 1909, the North Red Deer Roman Catholic School District #17 was formally established. By February 21, names were on the school register. 

Over the succeeding years, the school was expanded and the convent enlarged. The St. Joseph Convent School closed in 1960 and the boarding program ended in 1962. However, the convent continued to be a place of community service. In 1978, a new convent replaced the old one. In 2005, a decision was made to close and sell St. Joseph Convent. While an era had come to an end, the legacy of many decades of faithful service continues.

Who was St. Joseph?

  • He was the adoptive father of Jesus.
  • The Protector and provider for his family.
  • Considered the Protector of the Universal church.
  • The Patron Saint of many different things.

Why the Falcons as the Athletic Mascot?

  • St. Joseph was often pictured with a dove.
  • St. Joseph is the protector of his family and the nature of falcons are similar.
  • Prairie Falcons are native to Alberta.
  • Red Deer was an area where a high population of Métis people settled and connection to the land was important to their culture.
  • First Nations in the area traditionally believed in a mythical bird that looked similar to the Falcon and was an important symbol in their spirituality.
  • We chose a mascot that students of all backgrounds could identify with.