Extended Absences During the School Year

When a student has a planned extended absence, be it for a vacation or an extra-curricular commitment, it is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for their studies.  

The student will inform their teachers of any upcoming absence, and agree on reasonable dates to submit work that may be outstanding.  Students will follow up upon their return to ensure that all the necessary assignments have been completed.  Although teachers will be flexible with deadlines and do their best to support student learning, they should not be asked to provide large amounts of work in advance or to reteach full lessons that have been missed.  Students can stay connected through Google Classroom and other online forums that will allow them to minimize the impact on their learning.

Keep in mind that extended or frequent absences may create gaps in learning, impact overall achievement, result in having to take a class over or even have graduation implications. 

Please note that the Grade 12 Diploma exams are scheduled by Alberta Education and St. Joseph High School does not control when or how these particular exams are scheduled.  If a Diploma exam is missed, students will need to take it at the next exam sitting. 

If a student foresees an absence it is imperative that administration be made aware well in advance.  As partners in education, we aim to work together to ensure student success.