Timetable Change Process

The goal of this process will be to ensure timetables created for the start of the year are complete and meet the students’ academic requirements. To this end, we will follow this procedure.

  • School Counsellors will review all student timetables in June. These student timetables will be complete, balanced and take into account students request data completed in March. Students will have access to their timetables in August within the PowerSchool portal.
  • For students who require a timetable change for one of the reasons listed below, students can submit a form requesting a change which will be forwarded to school counsellors. Counsellors will evaluate the request and report status back to students once complete.

Outcomes listed below are typically the reason we complete timetable changes:

  • You have passed a course independently/online elsewhere.
  • You need to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • You need to balance academic demands across semesters.
  • You need a particular course to meet your post-secondary entrance requirements.
  • You have an incomplete timetable.

Students are unable to make timetable requests for:

  • Specific teachers
  • Classes in specific periods
  • Spare(s) in specific periods

Timetable Change Request Form

Semester 2 Timetable Change Request Google Form is now closed.