A Christ-centered, school community that is caring and safe, and is grounded in faith, belonging and excellence.



At St. Joseph High School, it is our mission to create a transformative educational community. We:

  • model our Catholic faith in all that we do and foster discipleship;
  • utilize our flexible learning environment and work collaboratively to create excellent learning opportunities;
  • educate students; sharing learning that prepares students as global citizens;
  • foster initiative to challenge, to grow and to achieve;
  • encourage personal excellence of all individuals, and support students and staff to exceed expectations;
  • celebrate initiatives, contributions and achievements to instill pride and shared school community;
  • respect diversity in our school community;
  • create opportunities to build positive relationships that make meaningful impacts among the school community;
  • work to collaboratively connect education to the community at large;

COVENANT of Respect: Respect for every member of the community is the keystone of our life at St. Joseph High School. The quality of life here at school is in direct relationship to respect. As students, faculty and administration of St. Joseph, we are each called to live the following covenant:

  • I promise to actively contribute and challenge myself to do my very best; always working with integrity and honesty.
  • I promise to treat everyone with kindness as members of this sacred community; respecting teachers, staff members, students, parents and equipment at all times.
  • I promise to help uplift others and contribute to a supportive environment in the classroom, on the athletic field and in school-life; whether on campus or off.
  • I promise to uphold the vision, mission and expectations of St. Joseph which promote excellence, faith formation and community.

In return, St. Joseph High School will work to equip young people with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to enable them to become mature, productive members of society. St. Joseph High School will mentor staff and students concerning faith formation. St. Joseph will encourage innovation, and support risk taking that is essential to innovation. The experience of failure, as a result of risk taking in a safe environment, can help to build resilience to setbacks and help young people to manage risk better in the future. St. Joseph will support and trust all members of our school community to do their very best. All members of our school community are empowered to overcome adversity, foster resilience and pursue excellence.