RAP - Work Experience - Dual Credit

Registered Apprenticeship Program - Work Experience - Dual Credit

There are some opportunities where students can learn about some credits they didn't know they could earn and gain some experience in fields that they will succeed in. 

RAP - Registered Apprenticeship Program 

REGISTERED APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM (RAP)-  is an apprenticeship program for high school students where students who are attending high school to earn their Alberta High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement, can also work towards a registered apprenticeship.If you are wanting any information on this program, please email jeff.lerouge@rdcrs.ca

DUAL CREDIT - an opportunity to explore programs at the college level. We have post-secondary partners that offer us some classes that you can earn high school credits as well as college credits. If you want information on this program, please email tracey.millar@rdcrs.ca

WORK EXPERIENCE - you must be enrolled in this program PRIOR to the start of the semester to earn credits while you work. If you want information on this program, please email taylor.bargholz@rdcrs.ca