Academic Placement

At St. Joseph High School we strive for success in all we do. Part of success in the classroom is ensuring that students are placed into the appropriate class based on previous academic success and recommendation.

Students who are placed in the incorrect classes often struggle and are at a higher risk of not completing the course and/or not graduating. -1 and -2 classes as well as different science classes are differentiated on the basis of instructional methodology, evaluation techniques, learning resources and complexity of language used in course content.

The table below summarizes each Core Subjects’ academic guidelines and prerequisites for students moving from Grade 9 to 10.

English Language Arts



Social Studies

For students in Grade 10 and 11, teachers will make a recommendation for next level programming. 65% in a course prerequisite will be the standard to advance in the -1 route as well as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

If a parent or student wish to challenge the prerequisite guideline or a recommendation from a teacher, a meeting with school administration will be booked and the Academic Guidelines Document will be accessed to determine and support academic programming.

Ensuring student success is paramount at St. Joseph. Correct level programming, academic support and student effort and attendance are important factors in setting students up to be the best they can be.