About the Program/Vision

Ball Academy Vision

To create an opportunity for Grade 6 – 12 students interested in pursuing an education that includes the development of their skills as a baseball/softball player.

  • Create a partnership with both Red Deer Rage and Red Deer Minor Baseball to work together to enhance player development.
  • Create a program with high-quality skill development utilizing coaching and training tools that will further develop the athlete’s baseball/softball experience.
  • Create two distinct programs within one academy where both the softball and baseball athlete can thrive.
  • Committed to finding opportunities for players looking to excel at the next level.

The Program

The Falcons academy is designed to develop the fundamental skills required for long term success. At the academy a big emphasis is placed on creating well rounded athletes that will excel well beyond their sport, where each athlete will see their true potential has no limits. At St Josephs we create an all inclusive environment where all skill levels and abilities are welcomed. At the academy athletes will receive baseball or softball specific training and skill development, a sound strength and conditioning program, mental performance training and nutrition guidance to help reach optimal sport performance. 

Our coaches come with a vast amount of knowledge and experience at the collegiate, professional and National team levels. Our unparalleled staff and facility utilize the latest technology and training tools that help bring each athlete to their peak potential. 

High School Program: 

  • 84 minute daily classes
  • Baseball trains block one or two everyday
  • Softball trains block 4 everyday
  • 10 school credits earned throughout the year towards high school diploma.
  • Full Fall Baseball schedule competing against other academy teams.
  • Post secondary placement opportunities.
  • Exposure to college coaches
  • College showcase trips twice a year.
  • Post-secondary academic counseling support.

Middle School Program: 

  • Offered to St Thomas Aquinas Middle School students from grades 6 through 9
  • 65 minutes twice a week
  • Grade 8 and 9 students receive a third class to prepare for the high demands of High School
  • Grade 6 and 7 students train Monday and Wednesday
  • Grade 8 and 9 students train Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Each class is bussed over from St. Thomas to St. Joseph High School, leaving at  lunch and continuing into block 5.
  • Emphasis is placed on high quality skill development where consistency will set the athletes up for long term success in their sport and beyond.
  • Our coaches create structure and consistency to help the young athletes set a strong base of fundamentals that will help them as they continue to grow throughout their athletic career.
  • Athletes participate in an age/development appropriate strength and conditioning program once a week.

Our program:

  • Is based on proven methods effective in creating greater athleticism.
  • Will help improve your catching, pitching and hitting skills, while improving your gameplay.
    • Focuses on increasing power in an athlete's swing.
    • Adding m.p.h to their fastball.
    • Improving fielding and catching in all aspects of the game.
  • Will educate you on how to train effectively, minimize injury and maximize your overall fitness.
  • The cost of this program is $3000.00 per year.

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