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Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools has developed the RDCRS READS Program to foster a love of reading through continued access to books. This is done through a partnership with schools' Learning Commons and creating classrooms rich in literacy. 

This focus continues to inspire the love of reading in all elementary, middle and high school students. 

Our schools foster a love of reading throughout the year:

  • Librarian-led and student-led book talks
  • Family literacy days
  • Full-school family book share 
  • Student choice 
  • Book tournaments
  • Book tastings
  • Interactive and engaging Learning Commons

RDCRS READS continues into the summer months by promoting reading growth. This is done by getting books into the hands of students, increasing access to books to eliminate summer reading loss and having school libraries open during the summer months.

You can foster a love of reading over the summer months:

  • Take a trip to your local library and participate in their summer activities.
  • Bring a book with you on holidays, when you go to the park or to the beach.
  • Enjoy a good book before bed.
  • Discover digital books that you can take anywhere with you.
  • Enjoy a variety of reading materials, such as magazines, graphic novels, picture books, comics, etc.

This award-winning program is designed to strengthen students' literacy skills. 

Share with us images of you reading on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at #rdcrsreads.

“I read books, because I love them, not because I think I should read them.” - Simon Van Booy, Author.